UAE banks warn of suspicious WhatsApp messages stealing bank accounts

UAE banks in general and Emirates NBD have warned all customers of some suspicious WhatsApp and SMS messages that steal money from bank accounts.

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Emirates NBD Bank warns customers of messages that steal bank accounts

Customers of Emirates NBD Bank are being warned about fraudulent mails that attempt to access their accounts, UAE banks have issued warnings about fraudulent WhatsApp messages that might be used to rob bank accounts, Customers of Emirates NBD and UAE banks in general have been warned about some fake WhatsApp and SMS communications that steal money from bank accounts.

Warning of suspicious text messages to steal bank accounts via WhatsApp and SMS

Caution: there are fraudulent text messages being sent over WhatsApp and SMS in an attempt to rob bank accounts, A warning has been issued by Emirates NBD on the dissemination of potentially malicious materials via the WhatsApp program, SMS text messaging, and various social media platforms. This was accomplished by posting on his official account, which can be found on the social networking platform X.

Warning against theft of bank accounts via suspicious messages

Caution against the potential for theft of bank accounts through the use of strange texts, According to Emirates NBD, these potentially malicious communications may encourage users to join specific organizations or may beg their recipients to click on unexpected links in an attempt to obtain information.

UAE banks’ instructions to customers to protect their bank accounts

Instructions given by banks in the UAE to consumers in order to keep their bank accounts secure, Users were warned by Emirates NBD to exercise caution and abstain from clicking on any unexpected links. Additionally, users were instructed to first check the legitimacy of the communications received with their sender before taking any action or implementing what was required within them.

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