UAE Embassy Cautions citizens in Bangkok after shooting incident

The UAE Embassy in Bangkok has issued a crucial advisory following a shooting incident that sent shock waves through Thailand's capital city.

Emiratis Safe and Sound

In response to the alarming situation, the UAE Embassy reassured all Emiratis present in the vicinity of the incident that they were "safe and sound." This immediate communication provided much-needed comfort to those concerned about their safety.

Incident Details

According to local authorities, the shooting incident resulted in one fatality and six individuals sustaining injuries. Witnesses described a chaotic scene at the upscale Siam Paragon mall, situated in the heart of Bangkok, as the sound of gunshots reverberated throughout the area around 4:30 p.m. local time.

Prompt Response

Thai law enforcement acted swiftly, apprehending a 14-year-old boy believed to be involved in the shooting. The immediate deployment of numerous emergency response vehicles to one of the mall's primary entrances underscored the urgency of the situation and the effectiveness of the local response efforts.

Safety Instructions

In its advisory, the UAE Embassy stressed the importance of Emiratis in the city adhering to all safety instructions issued by local authorities. This emphasis on safety and compliance with local directives reflects the UAE government's commitment to the well-being and security of its citizens abroad.

Tawajodi Service

Additionally, the embassy urged Emiratis residing or visiting Bangkok to register for the Tawajodi service, an invaluable resource for expatriates. Tawajodi aids authorities in locating and assisting Emiratis during emergencies, ensuring that they receive necessary support promptly.

Emergency Hotline

To further facilitate emergency communication and assistance, the advisory provided the hotline number 0097180024, which Emiratis could call in case of any unforeseen emergencies or incidents.

In a world marked by uncertainty and unforeseen events, the UAE Embassy's swift and comprehensive response serves as a vital lifeline for its citizens, offering them peace of mind, reassurance, and guidance when navigating unexpected challenges while residing or traveling abroad. This proactive approach reinforces the strong commitment of the UAE government to the safety and well-being of its citizens, even beyond its borders.

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