UAE: Four Unlicensed Recruitment Agencies Shut Down, Fined Dh50,000

In a crackdown on unlicensed domestic worker recruitment agencies, the UAE has closed down four establishments operating in Al Ain, imposing a fine of Dh50,000 on their owners.

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Temporary Accommodation for Affected Workers

This action was taken by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) as part of the ministry's continued efforts to regulate the domestic worker recruiting business and protect the rights of both domestic workers and employers.

To safeguard the welfare of the domestic workers affected by the closure of these unlicensed agencies, the MoHRE has arranged temporary accommodation for them. The workers have also agreed to be relocated to MoHRE-approved domestic worker recruitment agencies, ensuring that their rights and safety are upheld.

Recent Inspection Campaign

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, Port Security, and the Abu Dhabi-Al Ain branch of the Department of Economic Development were among the government agencies that the MoHRE collaborated with during a thorough inspection campaign. The aim of these inspections is to ensure that the domestic worker recruitment sector operates in compliance with established laws and regulations.

A Growing Number of Penalized Agencies

This action brings the total number of recruitment establishments and domestic worker agencies penalized by the MoHRE in 2022 for operating without licenses to 45. It underscores the government's unwavering commitment to regulating and standardizing the domestic worker recruitment industry, thus protecting the rights and well-being of employers and employees alike.

Mandatory Use of Approved Agencies

Only domestic worker recruiting companies that have received approval from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE) are acceptable to work with by Emiratis and expats residing in the UAE. This rule came into effect in December of the previous year and was passed at the federal level. Employers and domestic workers may easily check the validity of their selected service providers by looking at the licensed agencies that are listed on the official Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization website.

Reporting Unlicensed Agencies

The MoHRE has urged residents to avoid dealing with unlicensed domestic worker recruitment agencies and report any illegal agencies by calling 600590000. They encourage the community to play an active role in identifying and reporting unlicensed agencies to protect the welfare of domestic workers.

Government Commitment to Transparency

To ensure transparency, compliance, and the highest standards in the domestic worker recruitment sector, the MoHRE employs joint inspection campaigns, proactive monitoring, and reporting from members of the community. These measures help guarantee that recruitment activities are exclusively conducted by authorized domestic worker recruitment agencies, thereby benefiting both employers and employees.

Revocation of Agency Licenses

In a related development, the MoHRE has recently revoked the licenses of two domestic worker recruitment agencies, Shamma Al Mahairi Domestic Workers Services Centre in Dubai and Al Barq Domestic Workers Services Centre LLC in Ajman, due to their failure to comply with industry rules and regulations. This highlights the ministry's commitment to upholding industry standards and holding service providers accountable for their actions.

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