UAE helicopter crash Updates: Second pilot confirmed dead

The tragic AeroGulf 'Bell 212' helicopter crash in Umm Al Quwain has taken another devastating turn as the second pilot involved in the incident has been confirmed dead. After extensive search efforts spanning several days, AeroGulf, the helicopter operator, released an official statement on Sunday confirming the loss of both crew members.

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Confirmation of Second Pilot's Death

In the grim announcement, AeroGulf stated, "The helicopter was carrying two crew members and no passengers onboard. Sadly, we can confirm that both crew members have perished." The accident casts a shadow of grief over the aviation community and beyond.

Crash Details

The ill-fated helicopter, engaged in routine training operations, was en route between Al Maktoum International Airport and an offshore rig when it plunged into the sea off the coast of the UAE at precisely 8:07 PM on September 7, 2023. The crash prompted an immediate search and rescue mission, which led to the discovery of one pilot's fate on Friday.

Nationalities of the Crew

The UAE's General Aviation Authority, responsible for overseeing aviation safety and regulations, disclosed that the two pilots hailed from different nations. One pilot was Egyptian, while the other was South African, underscoring the international dimension of the tragedy.

Support and Privacy

AeroGulf has mobilized specially trained personnel to provide support and assistance to the grieving families and friends of the crew members. The company issued a plea for media outlets to respect the privacy of those affected during this profoundly challenging period.

Investigation Ongoing

The helicopter operator, AeroGulf, remains committed to collaborating with authorities as they work tirelessly to recover the wreckage and ascertain the root cause of the tragic accident. The investigation aims to shed light on the circumstances that led to the loss of two skilled aviators and to enhance safety measures within the aviation industry.

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