UAE Imposes Up to Dh400 Fine for driving slowly in the fast lane

Drivers that impede traffic in fast lanes face severe penalties from the Abu Dhabi Police. Staying in the fast lane might potentially cause accidents by confusing other vehicles and obstructing traffic flow. To maintain safety and efficient traffic flow, drivers must stay in designated lanes when moving at reduced speeds.

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Abu Dhabi Police Crack Down on Slow Drivers in Fast Lanes

A Dh400 penalty will be applied to any driver who does not yield to an oncoming vehicle's right of way. This operation is being carried out by the Abu Dhabi Police Department as a part of a bigger plan to enhance traffic flow and guarantee driver safety.

Avoiding Unsafe Overtaking

Emphasizing the importance of safe driving practices, Abu Dhabi Police also discourage overtaking from the right lanes, as such maneuvers can lead to major accidents that may result in injuries or even fatalities. This move is aimed at creating a safer driving environment for everyone on the road.

Minimum speed limits to prevent accidents

To minimize traffic accidents and maintain a steady flow of vehicles, Abu Dhabi has introduced a minimum speed limit of 120 kilometers per hour (kph) in the fast lanes of a major road within the emirate. This measure ensures that vehicles on the road maintain an appropriate speed, preventing slowdowns in the fast lanes.

Cracking Down on Tailgating

Furthermore, tailgating, which refers to following vehicles too closely, is also considered an offense. In Abu Dhabi, both vehicles in front and at the back can be fined Dh400 if they engage in tailgating, especially in the fast lanes. Additionally, the vehicle tailgating from behind will receive four black points on their driving record.

Abu Dhabi Police's strict approach toward these traffic violations aims to encourage safer, more efficient road use, prevent accidents, and minimize disruptions in the fast lanes that can lead to traffic congestion and potentially dangerous situations for drivers. Safe and responsible driving is a collective responsibility that benefits everyone on the road, ensuring a smoother and safer commuting experience for all.

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