UAE imposes Dh500 fine and 6 black points for road crossing violations

Crossing roads at undesignated locations poses significant risks, potentially leading to severe accidents and, in some tragic cases, even fatalities. To safeguard public safety, it is essential for pedestrians to use designated crossing areas and adhere to traffic rules.

UAE's Umm Al Quwain Police Promote Road Safety and Traffic Rule Adherence

The police department in Umm Al Quwain has begun an awareness campaign as part of its 2023 operating strategy to improve road safety and cut down on accidents. The goal of the UAE Ministry of Interior is to increase compliance with traffic laws, and this campaign is in line with that approach.

The Goal of the Campaign

The primary aim of this campaign is to educate both motorists and pedestrians about adhering to traffic rules, particularly at road crossings. It underscores the importance of giving pedestrians the right of way and emphasizes the need for pedestrians to use designated crossing areas. The campaign highlights the critical role that compliance with these rules plays in preventing serious injuries and potential fatalities.

Enforcement and Consequences

Motorists are reminded that failing to yield to pedestrians at designated crossings carries a hefty fine of Dh500 and results in six black points added to their driving licenses. For pedestrians who attempt to cross roads illegally, a Dh400 fine is imposed as a consequence of their actions.

Promoting Road Safety Through Education

The UAE consistently emphasizes the significance of following traffic rules, emphasizing the potential hazards of non-compliance. Authorities strive to create a safer road environment and increase public awareness about the implications of breaking these rules. These efforts contribute to the overarching goal of minimizing accidents and promoting responsible road behavior.

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