UAE: Increasing reports of the presence of poisonous snakes in the Emirate of Fujairah

Asila Al-Mualla, the Director-General of the Fujairah Environment Authority, disclosed that the biodiversity team, which is comprised of environmental researchers and experts, had received 48 reports of poisonous snakes that appeared in the gardens of homes and vehicles of citizens in the Emirate of Fujairah and the Dibba Al-Fujairah region since the beginning of this year. These snakes were found in the gardens of homes and vehicles.

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Al-Mualla stated that the specialized team moved to the specified locations immediately after receiving the reports, and that they dealt with them in a professional manner by the researchers, and that they completed them in record time, in cooperation with the competent authorities.

She also emphasized that her administration strives to achieve the highest levels of performance in carrying out its tasks and performing its duties, in the context of dealing with dangerous and predatory animals, emphasized the importance of adhering to professional, practical, and procedural principles, as the wild animal is housed in quarantine or laboratories at the Wadi Wurayah Reserve, and researchers place a chip (code) and monitor it after it is returned to its original environment away from residential areas, or kept for the purpose of studying it, or for the purpose of communicating with it.

"Experts and researchers specialized in ecology and other specializations affiliated with the Wadi Wurayah Reserve are working to monitor the various wild species in the reserve, enhance environmental awareness in the local community, and protect biological diversity in the reserve," said Dr. Ali Hassan Al-Hamoudi, the director of the Wadi Wurayah Reserve. "This is being done in order to protect biological diversity in the reserve." "The Fujairah Environment Authority, which supports the protection of biodiversity by enacting rules and legislation to preserve it, is the umbrella organization that oversees all of these entities, including the emirate, they all work under. It was brought to his attention that the most recent report that the reserve had received was from the previous week, when the emirate was experiencing severe rains.

The report stated that a deadly snake had entered the engine of a citizen's vehicle when the person was trekking near one of the valleys. The expert team went to the location as soon as they received the report and finished the task without putting any of the persons in danger. There has been a considerable increase in the number of reports of snakes of the Qarna species, which are found in the highlands, and the Omani saw snake, which is found in places close to valleys, entering homes and vehicles. It is important to note that the majority of these reports are about snakes entering homes and vehicles.

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