UAE issues a decision regarding purchasing via the Internet

I recently made a purchase from a mobile phone retailer online of a brand-new mobile device, It's reached a point where it's causing some issues, Do things purchased online come with a warranty or guarantee of any kind?

According to your questions, the answer is that it is expected that a provider (online store) of a mobile phone to you possesses a relevant legitimate license to operate its business that was issued by the necessary authorities in the UAE.

As a consequence of this, the requirements of Federal Law No. 5 on Consumer Protection are applicable in this situation.

Regulations stipulated in the Consumer Protection Law

Online purchases of goods and services are subject to the regulations outlined in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Consumer Protection Law, This is in accordance with Article 3 of the United Arab Emirates Consumer Protection Law, which states as follows: "The provisions of this Law shall apply to all goods and services within the state, including free zones, and operations related thereto and carried out by the supplier, the advertiser, or the commercial agent, as well as those carried out by means of electronic commerce if the supplier is registered inside the state, without prejudice to international treaties and agreements to which the UAE is a party," Free zones are areas within the UAE that are not subject The things that a provider sells are required to come with some sort of warranty.

provisions of Article 10 of the Consumer Protection Law

This is in conformity with the provisions of Article 10 of the Consumer Protection Law of the United Arab Emirates, which stipulates that

1- The provider is responsible for complying with all warranties, supplying the necessary replacement parts and maintenance, replacing the item or refunding the monetary worth of the item, and committing to after-sales support with regard to the items that have been sold within the allotted amount of time.

2- The service provider is obligated to guarantee the service he offers and that it is free from defects and malfunctions during a period of time that is appropriate with the nature of the service; otherwise, he is responsible for returning the full amount paid by the customer, or at least a portion of that amount, or he is responsible for re-performing the Service in the correct manner.

3- The controls for putting the provisions of this article into effect are going to be determined by the implementing rule that goes along with this law.

Possibility of repair or replacement of the product

In addition, if a product that a supplier has sold has a defect, it is the responsibility of the supplier to either fix the defect in the product, replace the product, or issue a refund to the consumer for the purchase price of the defective goods, This is in accordance with Article 12 of the United Arab Emirates Consumer Protection Law, which states as follows: "In the event that a malfunction is found in the good or service, the supplier shall repair or replace the same, return the good and refund its price, or re-perform the service without charge, in accordance with what is specified by the Implementing Regulation of this Law."

A supplier has a responsibility to its customers to give accurate information regarding the electronic devices that it markets and sells to those customers via online portals, This is in accordance with the provisions of Article 25(1) of the United Arab Emirates Consumer Protection Law, which states as follows: "Suppliers registered in the state and who work in the field of electronic commerce shall provide consumers and the competent authorities in the state with their names, legal status, addresses, and licensing bodies, as well as adequate information in Arabic about the product or service provided, its specifications, and the terms of contract, payment, and warranty, in accordance with what is stipulated in this law."

According to the aforementioned legal rules, if the mobile phone that you purchased from a provider is not functioning properly, you have the legal right to get in touch with the supplier and request that it either fix the problem or provide you with a new phone of equivalent value. In the event that the provider does not fix the problem with your mobile device or does not replace it with a new mobile device, you might think about lodging a complaint against the provider with the appropriate local government in the UAE, In this case, the problem with your mobile device will not be fixed. This is in compliance with Article 22(5) of the Consumer Protection Law of the United Arab Emirates, which states as follows: "The Ministry (Ministry of Economy) shall supervise the execution of the general policy for Consumer protection in coordination with the Competent Authorities, and in particular the following:

- Receiving complaints from customers and the Consumer Protection Association, as well as taking the appropriate actions in response to those complaints or reporting those complaints to the appropriate authorities."

How to get more information

You can get more information about this topic by contacting the Ministry of Economy or the appropriate municipal government in the emirate that you currently call home. Both of these entities will be able to answer your questions.

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