The UAE Embassy issues warning for Emiratis in Netherlands

While Storm Ciaran sweeps across western Europe, encompassing the Netherlands, the UAE Embassy in The Hague has released a cautionary advisory to Emirati nationals presently residing in the nation.

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The UAE Embassy in The Hague issues a storm warning for its citizens.

As a result of the anticipated high wind speeds and powerful gusts brought by Storm Ciaran, Dutch airline KLM made the decision to cancel all flights departing from and arriving in the Netherlands during the day.

Safety Advisory for Emiratis

The UAE Embassy has issued a warning on the X platform, urging UAE nationals in the Netherlands to take precautions and adhere strictly to safety protocols in light of the impending severe weather. The Netherlands and the surrounding area will see substantial effects from the storm.

Emergency contact information

The UAE Embassy in the Netherlands has two 24-hour helplines, 0097180024 and 0097180044444, that local Emiratis can call in an emergency. Furthermore, the 'My Tawajodi' service can be used to have conversations and get help.

Severe Weather Across Western Europe

Storm Ciaran has brought strong winds and heavy rain to the region, leading to power outages in France, where over a million homes have been left without electricity. The storm has also prompted the closure of numerous schools in southern England.

A Rare and Potent Storm

Meteorologist Bob Henson, renowned for his work with Yale Climate Connections, characterized Storm Ciaran as a unique and infrequent event. He emphasized that this storm appears to be a "once-in-a-few-years" occurrence for the United Kingdom and France, possibly even rising to the level of a "once-in-a-generation" storm.

Safety and precautionary measures

The warnings and safety measures issued by the UAE Embassy are vital for ensuring the welfare and protection of Emirati citizens currently residing or traveling in the Netherlands. Emiratis are encouraged to stay updated on the latest developments and adhere to the necessary precautions as the storm continues to impact the region. Their well-being and safety remain the embassy's top priorities.

This advisory is part of the UAE government's commitment to safeguard its citizens abroad and provide them with necessary support during adverse conditions. Emiratis in the Netherlands are urged to stay vigilant and informed while Storm Ciaran persists.

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