UAE launches Road to Success Project to aid African Expats in Job Hunt

A Nigerian-led initiative is improving the employment prospects of hundreds of African migrants living in the United Arab Emirates.

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Empowering African Expats in the UAE

Mayowa Adegoke, a Nigerian TV presenter in Dubai, started the Road to Success Seminar to help African expats in the UAE who are highly educated but work in low-paying positions that aren't a good fit for their backgrounds. The goal of Adegoke's endeavor is to provide a resource for Africans living in the Emirates to learn new skills and make connections that will lead to better employment possibilities.

An inspiring journey

Mayowa Adegoke relocated to Dubai in 2019 to join her husband, who was working in the UAE. Her own experience of building a new life in a foreign country inspired her to create the Road to Success Seminar. Adegoke, who now runs a consultancy and media company, wanted to change the narrative for Africans who, despite holding postgraduate degrees and PhDs, often ended up in low-skilled positions.

Championing Confidence and Growth

Seeing many highly qualified Africans settle for jobs beneath their qualifications troubled Adegoke. She wanted to build their confidence and help them realize their potential. She noticed that while some Africans in Dubai were flourishing and living the "Dubai dream," others were selling themselves short due to a lack of guidance and networking opportunities.

From complaints to action

Adegoke spent over a year expressing her concerns about these disparities before deciding to take action. In June 2022, she launched the Road to Success Seminar, focusing on bringing people of African descent together and providing them with professional guidance and networking opportunities.

Changing Lives

Since its inception, the Road to Success Seminar has transformed lives, offering individuals like John Henry Ugbewanko, an estate agent in Abu Dhabi, a lifeline during challenging times. Many African expats have benefited from the events and networking opportunities provided by the seminar, helping them secure better job opportunities and pursue their career aspirations.

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