UAE law specifies who is responsible for paying traffic fines for sons and wives

A legal consultation was received by an Emirati newspaper hours ago, in which a person asked how Emirati law determined who was responsible for paying traffic fines for children and wives.

According to the law of the UAE, certain individuals are required to pay traffic fines for their sons and wives.

An Emirati newspaper recently received a legal consultation in which a person inquired how Emirati law determined who was responsible for paying traffic penalties for children and wives. The question was posed in the context of an Emirati legal system.

Legal advice.. Who is responsible for paying traffic fines for sons?

A question for the legal community: who is accountable for the payment of traffic penalties for minors? An question was received from a reader, in which he stated that his daughter was involved in a significant accident while driving a vehicle that she had hired from a rental office, and as a result of the severity of the accident, the vehicle had to be written off, in addition to the accompanying infractions. My question is, what exactly is the protocol in this kind of scenario. Is there any risk involved for my child in a scenario like this? the state of affairs?

Legal experts clarify who bears the costs of traffic violations when renting a car in the UAE

When it comes to hiring a car in the UAE, legal experts explain who is responsible for the charges of any traffic offences that may occur, The consultant, Dr. Youssef Al-Sharif, provided the following response: "As for the violations, they must be paid by you," and "as for the car," the advisor said, "the insurance company insured by the rental office covers the accident, whether damage or even in the event of a total loss and write-off." This is of course provided that your daughter's driving in it is not a legal violation, such as driving without a license. Or something along those lines, because in situations like this, the insurance company might try to take legal action against the individual who is liable.

Cases of parents paying the costs of traffic violations in the Emirates

There have been reports of parents in the Emirates footing the bill for their children's driving fines, It is important to note that the newspaper had previously presented an investigation into fathers who had incurred large sums of money as a result of traffic violations that did not belong to them, as their sons and wives committed them, as well as traffic points on their licenses, and financial compensation for traffic accidents that they had not caused, and the chief mufti, director of the Fatwa Department in the Department of Fatwa confirmed Islamic Affairs and Charitable Work in Islamic Affairs and Charitable Work in Islamic Affairs and Char He went on to say that if he did it on his own out of generosity and kindness, then it would be considered part of his benevolence and loyalty, and he should be rewarded for it; nevertheless, he was not to fault if he did not do it. Even if he were wealthy; because if he is wealthy, he may have a point of view, which is not to encourage such violations, because if he pays the costs and compensation for them, his commission will be taken lightly, and that may cause harm to the wife, as she may suffer from these violations, and he will be one of the losers.

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