Massive Fire in Sharjah Villa Claims Emirati Father and Daughter Lives

A terrible occurrence that happened on Tuesday at daybreak involved a residential property in the Al Suyoh neighborhood of Sharjah that caught fire.

A sixty-three-year-old Emirati man lost his life in the fire, while his daughter, twelve, suffered severe injuries led to her death. Thankfully, nine other people, housemaids and family members were also successfully saved from the fire.

The Sharjah Civil Defense Authority response

The Sharjah Civil Defense Authority promptly responded to the emergency. They received a distress call at 4:27 am, alerting them to the fire in a house located in the Al Suyouh 16 area. In response, the Civil Defense team from Al Saja’a Center was dispatched to the scene. Their immediate actions were crucial in managing the incident and extinguishing the fire.

Rescue and medical assistance

Upon arriving at the scene, the rescue team discovered a 12-year-old girl in the yard of the house, suffering from burns. She received immediate medical attention from the National Ambulance. Simultaneously, they rescued the father from one of the rooms. He had experienced suffocation due to smoke inhalation. Both the father and daughter were swiftly transported to Kuwaiti Hospital and Qassimi Hospital via the National Ambulance. Tragically, the father's injuries proved fatal, and he was pronounced dead at Kuwaiti Hospital.

Extent of Damage

The fire caused significant damage to the villa. The fire destroyed four rooms and the hallway, underscoring the seriousness of the incident.

Fire safety measures and ongoing investigations

In light of this tragic event, the Sharjah Civil Defense Authority emphasized the importance of adhering to fire safety protocols. They urged the public to install smoke detectors, switch off unnecessary electrical appliances before bedtime, avoid overloading electrical circuits, and regularly maintain household appliances to prevent fire accidents.

Investigations into the fire's origin and cause are ongoing. Police forensic experts are diligently working to determine the circumstances that led to this devastating blaze.

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