Urgent.. UAE Meteorology announces a change in temperatures starting tomorrow

The United Arab Emirates' meteorological authority has officially communicated a forthcoming alteration in temperature patterns. The National Meteorological Center has substantiated that there will be a discernible decline in temperatures across multiple regions of the country, commencing tomorrow, coinciding with the onset of the latter half of the month of October.

They also pointed out that during this time of the year, temperatures begin to decline in comparison to last September, and the predominant winds are south-easterly at the end of the night and morning, but they turn in the afternoon and evening to north-westerly due to the influence of the influence of the ocean.

High relative humidity in the early morning

The center pointed out that the relative humidity will typically be high in the early morning during the upcoming days, but that it will gradually decrease with the appearance of the sun, then it will rise again after sunset to reach an average of approximately 51%, as the chances of fog formation increasing along with it in the midnight and early morning periods, while the Indian monsoon low gradually recedes, especially by the end of this month, and the extension of the Siberian High begins to affect the climate.

The country was affected by a surface depression

According to him, the nation will also be impacted in the coming days by surface air depressions that will reach from the East and the Red Sea, If this is followed by atmospheric depressions in the higher layers of the atmosphere from the East or West, then the amount of clouds will grow, and rainy cumulus clouds will form over some places, particularly in the eastern sections of the country.

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