UAE Meteorology announces the weather condition until Friday with rain and thunder

According to the National Meteorological Center, the country is being impacted by an extension of a surface air depression from the south, which, when combined with an extension of an upper air depression accompanied by an air current from the West, a moist and relatively cold air mass in the upper layers of the atmosphere, and the presence of mountains to the East, results in the formation of cumulus clouds over scattered areas of the country, which is accompanied by precipitation.

According to the center, there is a possibility of some cumulus clouds forming in the East today and tomorrow, which may extend over some inland areas and be accompanied by rainfall. Additionally, the center stated that the amounts of clouds will increase over various areas of the country from Wednesday to Friday as a result of the deepening of the low in the upper layers of the atmosphere.

Cumulus clouds are forming in the east today and tomorrow

He made the observation that during this time period, cumulus clouds would occasionally form, which would be accompanied by a variety of intense downpours and occasionally be accompanied by lightning, thunder, and hail.

Wind movement in the coming days

He explained that the winds will be from the south-east to the north-east, turning to the north-west at a light to moderate speed, and they will be active to strong at times, and they will be exciting dust, and lead to a decrease in the horizontal visibility range, while the sea will be light to medium waves, sometimes disturbed with clouds in the Arabian Gulf, and light to medium waves in the sea of Oman, it also said that the temperatures will be in the high 70s and low 80s.

The Meteorological Center sends an appeal to everyone

The center made a plea to everyone to pay attention to the bulletins and reports that were released by the center and to refrain from spreading misinformation, pointing out that it is monitoring the situation around the clock.

Sea waves will rise in the coming days

In addition, Ibrahim Al-Jarwan, the chairman of the board of Directors of the Emirates Astronomical Society and a member of the Arab Union for space and astronomy, warned of the danger of going to the sea and approaching the coasts during the naval strikes, He explained that the naval strikes are known as strong weather disturbances with which the sea is violently agitated by strong waves, which are accompanied by storms and thunderstorms, which is more like describing tropical conditions.

It was said by Al-Jarwan that the most prominent maritime strikes known to Gulf sailors in the Arabian Sea were as follows: the blow of the lie (the lie) in October with the rise of the star of the lie; the blow of the flesh (al-Ahmar) with the al-Ahmar star in November; the blow of the koi (koi) falls with the rise of the koi star; it was said is the "Eagle star" in December.

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