The emirates requires school bus drivers to follow the following rules for student safety

The Emirates Police has set 5 controls for school bus drivers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, especially after recent complaints from a large number of car drivers recently due to the disgraceful behavior of some school bus drivers.

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Regulations for school bus drivers in the Emirates

Abu Dhabi Police also imposed a number of controls to ensure the safety of transporting students to and from school using school buses, including the following:

1- Do not use the phone while driving

The company stated that using a phone while driving is considered a traffic violation for the driver, regardless of whether it is a school bus or a regular car, as a fine of 500 dirhams is imposed on violators, for not being distracted while driving the vehicle.

2- Adhere to legal speeds

The state requires school buses to have specific speeds depending on each route, and school bus drivers must adhere to them, in addition to the directional signs shown by each emirate, the rate of which varies on highways or main roads, internal streets, and residential areas.

3- Maintain the bus before moving

This is a responsibility that falls on both Al-Mashreq and school bus drivers, and Abu Dhabi Police also held many awareness workshops for bus drivers and supervisors to maintain the general safety of students while transporting them to and from school.

4- Use the stop lever when students get up and down

It is one of the most prominent points that Abu Dhabi Police was keen to emphasize, especially after complaints from many drivers on the streets of the Emirates due to bus drivers’ incorrect use of the stop lever, and the police stressed their great interest in enhancing traffic awareness for drivers.

Through implementing a number of traffic awareness programs, which work to enhance the responsibility of bus drivers to adhere to traffic laws and regulations, and reduce the causes that lead to traffic accidents.

5- Fasten seat belts for students

This notice emphasized the necessity of adhering to it by bus drivers and parents at home, through the necessity of enhancing their children’s awareness of the necessity of fastening their seat belts on their own while the bus is moving in order to maintain their security and safety.

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Time the bus driver spent waiting at the student's house

Public schools in the UAE require students to leave home with school bags in front of the gate so the driver and bus supervisor know they're going to school. The waiting period is one minute.

He urged UAE government school administrations to work with parents and transportation to ensure pupils wear seat belts on buses.

In addition to not walking on the bus or standing on the seats, not shouting or creating annoying noises, keeping the bus and furniture clean and not interfering with the contents, respect the driver and not chatting to him while driving.

Surveillance camera system inside buses

The Department of Education and Knowledge also mandated that buses be outfitted with a surveillance system that comprises at least four cameras that continually record on the video system and provide the most internal coverage feasible.

Furthermore, school buses must be equipped with a GPS device and a tracking system linked to satellites, allowing the school transportation official to monitor and locate each school vehicle.

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