UAE Refutes Claims of US Military Aircraft Arriving at Al Dhafra

The UAE Ministry of Defense has denied reports that US military planes have been landing at the UAE's Al Dhafra Air Base in order to give covert support to Israel. Several foreign news outlets have reported on this development. Officials from the Ministry of Defense have said unequivocally that these allegations are false.

UAE Ministry of Defense Rejects Claims of US Military Aircraft Deployment to Support Israel

In a formal statement, the Ministry clarified that the reported arrival of US aircraft at Al Dhafra Air Base is not a recent or isolated event but part of an ongoing, pre-planned arrangement that has been underway for several months. This agreement falls within the broader context of the robust military cooperation established between the UAE and the United States of America.

Strong UAE-US Military Cooperation

The UAE and the US have a well-established history of military collaboration and strategic partnership. This partnership encompasses various aspects of defense and security, including regular joint training exercises, intelligence sharing, and military equipment procurement. The presence of US military aircraft at Al Dhafra Air Base is consistent with this bilateral cooperation.

Al Dhafra Air Base: A Strategic Hub

Al Dhafra Air Base, located in the UAE's capital city, Abu Dhabi, is a vital strategic asset for both the UAE and its allies, including the United States. The base plays a significant role in supporting regional security, stability, and ongoing counterterrorism efforts. Its proximity to key global hotspots in the Middle East makes it an essential facility for conducting military operations and responding to regional challenges.

Pre-Determined Arrivals

The Ministry of Defense underlined that the arrivals of US aircraft at Al Dhafra Air Base are governed by predefined schedules and occur regularly. These schedules are part of an organized framework that ensures both nations maintain their security commitments and readiness to address emerging threats in the region. There is no indication that the recent arrivals represent a departure from the established norms of military cooperation between the UAE and the US.

Counteracting baseless claims

The UAE's rapid response to refute the unsubstantiated allegations regarding the arrival of US military aircraft at Al Dhafra Air Base underscores its commitment to transparency and honesty in the realm of defense and military affairs. Such prompt and unequivocal denials aim to prevent the dissemination of false information and misconceptions while reaffirming the UAE's dedication to its strategic partnerships, including its robust alliance with the United States.

The allegations of US military aircraft arriving at Al Dhafra Air Base for the purpose of supporting Israel have been soundly refuted by the UAE's Ministry of Defense. The presence of US aircraft at the base is part of an ongoing, mutually agreed-upon arrangement and represents a continuation of the strong military cooperation between the UAE and the United States. The statement serves to maintain the trust and clarity that characterize the UAE's defense relationships with its allies.

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