UAE schools ask parents to update their children’s health files

Both public and private schools asked that the parents of their students update their children's medical records and inform the school clinics about their pupils' medical histories as well as any chronic ailments they may have.

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She advocated for the partnership of parents and schools in order to enable the schools to provide a secure and healthy environment for all kids at all different phases of their educational careers, This was done in order to improve preventive and therapeutic services for pupils.

At the school for specialized knowledge, Dr. Samia Mohamed Saleh Nouri emphasized how important it is to keep the health files of the students up to date, This file should include all of the student's medical history information, as well as the history of any vaccinations they have received, any medications they take, and any allergies or chronic diseases that the student may have.

The importance of updating students’ health files

She mentioned that schools are handing out health file update forms to parents and urging them to do so on a regular basis, She went on to explain that school clinics offer pupils both preventative and quick medical care in order to keep their health in check while they are at school.

Dr. Samia Mohamed Saleh Nouri stated that schools are unable to provide equal health services unless they are aware of the health status of each kid through his health file, She called on parents to work with schools so that schools are able to create a safe and healthy environment for all pupils.

For her part, Dr. Afshan Bibi, who works at the American School of Dubai, stated that chronic illness reporting plays a crucial role in providing appropriate health care to students, She emphasized that when a school is informed about a student who is suffering from a chronic illness, the school can take the necessary measures to support him and meet his special needs.

"These measures include special arrangements for medication or treatment, providing guidance to teachers on how to deal with the student's health condition, as well as helping to improve student performance,"she stated.

In a separate but related development, school departments have disclosed the eight primary responsibilities of school clinics, as identified by the Emirates Foundation for health services, as well as the role that parents are expected to play in the process, These responsibilities include the administration of annual preventive examinations, which include the measurement of weight and height, body mass index, visual acuity, color discrimination, and blood pressure, and the referral of students who suffer from any abnormal results to its health centers.

Providing assistance to students

The duties also include administering first aid to students, transporting them to health centers or emergency departments in hospitals if it is necessary, or in the event that the student is exposed to any emergency situation that requires immediate transportation with informing the Guardian about this, in addition to administering vaccinations to all targeted students in the first, eighth, and eleventh grades, as well as those students who have not been vaccinated in previous years from these target groups.

In addition, one of the key responsibilities of school clinics is to communicate with the Guardian of any abnormal medical results that have been discovered.

Invite or request

The school clinics asked parents to commit to six primary things in order to promote a safe and healthy environment in schools, These things include keeping the student at home in the event of symptoms of illness, such as a high temperature or infectious disease, severe pain, or redness in the eyes; and in the event that any symptoms are observed inside the school, the parent or his representative is immediately contacted in order to take the student to health care centers.

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