UAE announces One-Month Visa Extension Limit for Tourist Visas

If you're currently in the UAE on a tourist visa and have plans to extend your stay, it's crucial to be aware of a recent change in the visa extension rules. You can now extend your tourist visa only once, for a duration of 30 days.

The New One-Time Extension Rule

This update comes after the UAE Cabinet made a decision that denotes a significant change in the visa extension procedure. If you're considering visiting the UAE on a tourist visa or are already in the country, it's essential to understand the details of the visa application and extension process.

Only by the Sponsor

Only the sponsor of the original entry permit may process the one-month visa extension. Fahad K. A., a visa coordinator at Deira Travel and Tourist Agency, highlighted this important change. He emphasized that if a tourist agency initially applied for your visa, you must return to them for an extension. The agency that initially processed your visa is the sole entity authorized to extend it.

Alternative Option: Exit and Reapply

If your stay in the UAE requires more than one extension, you would need to exit the country and apply for a new tourist visa to re-enter. Some travel agencies offer an 'A2A' service, which facilitates airport-to-airport travel for visitors, allowing them to exit the UAE and return once a new visa is obtained. It's important to keep in mind that the authorities must approve the visa application for this process to proceed.

Adnan Khan, the operations manager at Siddique Haider Corporate Services Provider, advises visitors to stay informed about changes in regulations and seek professional advice. It's important to ensure that you adhere to the visa duration specified in your visa to avoid legal issues related to overstaying.

Visa application options

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP) offers the flexibility to apply for 30-, 60-, or 90-day visit visas through their website or the 'UAE ICP' smartphone application under the 'Visit Visa For Friend or Relative' category. This service allows UAE residents to apply for these visa options.

Required Documents

To apply for a visit visa, you typically need the following documents:

  • Recent passport-size colored photograph of the relative or friend.
  • Proof of kinship (birth or marriage certificate if sponsoring a family member's visit)
  • A copy of the relative's or friend's valid passport
  • A copy of your Emirates ID
  • Proof of residence for the sponsored individual, which can be a rental contract or details of the hotel reservation.
  • A copy of the return ticket

Extending Your Visa

As previously mentioned, you should approach the tourist agency that initially processed your visa for an extension. If a friend or relative is sponsoring your visit visa to the UAE, they can go to a typing center that is ICP-registered. These typing centers are conveniently located across the UAE.

In Dubai, you can also visit an Amer Center, which handles immigration applications on behalf of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFAD).

Cost of a Visa Extension

The cost of extending a visa for a 30-day period, according to the ICP, is Dh750. This price ensures the convenience of an additional month's stay in the UAE.

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