UAE warns citizens and residents of a fine of 5,000 dirhams for this violation

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi is launching an awareness campaign that will clarify the dos and don'ts.

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As winter weather begins to set in in Abu Dhabi, the UAE's rules on setting up outdoor seating are outlined, with a punishment of Dh5,000. A public education and awareness campaign is being run by the municipality to clarify the dos and don'ts.
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Originally published: October 19, 2023, at 2:39 p.m.

Updated on Thursday, October 19, 2023 at 2:41 PM

The arrival of cooler weather has resulted in the proliferation of outdoor seating options; however, owners of restaurants and cafes are being cautioned that they must comply with certain regulations before they can set up their outside seating sections. According to the Abu Dhabi City Municipality, those who break the law would be subject to a fine of up to Dh5,000.

The local government announced, as part of an effort to keep the general public informed, that it is necessary to acquire permits in order to set up temporary outdoor seating spaces in close proximity to commercial businesses such as stores, restaurants, and other places that provide services.

In addition, there is the requirement that fees be paid, specific norms and operational processes be adhered to, and a primary focus be placed on the upkeep of cleanliness.

The local government has defined a series of requirements, which are as follows:

If the business owner has the permission of the building's owner and a lease agreement that is valid for at least six months, they are eligible to submit permit requests using the TAMM platform.
The City Municipality Centre will conduct an analysis of the proposed measurements for outdoor seats, as well as the calculation of any applicable costs.
The charge for an outdoor sitting permit is determined by the amount of space that is required, and it includes a refundable deposit in the amount of Dh10,000.
The permits that are handed out have a validity period of one year and can be renewed.
The municipality reserves the power to cancel the permission without incurring any liability for potential financial losses to the permit holder in the event that the requirements of the permit are violated or if urban development requires it.
In accordance with the predetermined standards, a comprehensive floor design must be presented that outlines the precise placement of all of the tables, seats, and other types of shading devices.
According to the authorities, a fee of Dh5,000 must be paid for the unauthorized creation of an outdoor seating area, and a fine of Dh3,000 must be paid for violating the restrictions of a permission.

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality, in collaboration with the City Municipality Centre, has launched a campaign with the objective of increasing public awareness of and comprehension of the regulations governing the installation of temporary outdoor seating spaces.

(Data provided by WAM)

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