UAE Cautions citizens from cold weather this month

Midway through October, residents and visitors to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) should anticipate the temperature to drop by three to four degrees, which is quite pleasant. Dr. Ahmed Habib of the NCM has provided expert weather predictions for the upcoming months.

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Temperatures to Drop by Three to Four Degrees

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has four distinct seasons, with summer being the hottest and winter the coldest. This time of year is known for its dramatic weather shifts, which often bring substantially chillier evenings and mornings.

Relative Humidity and Fog

During October, relative humidity tends to be high in the early mornings, gradually diminishing as the sun rises and then rising again after sunset. This month is notorious for an increased likelihood of fog and mist formation, particularly during midnight and early morning hours.

Sporadic weather shifts

Dr. Ahmed Habib emphasizes that while temperatures will decrease, it does not signal the arrival of winter. The autumn season is characterized by a shift from weather stability to rapid weather instability, resulting in unpredictable and changeable weather patterns.

Factors Contributing to the Transition

Towards the end of October, the Indian monsoon typically weakens, and the influence of the Siberian high-pressure system becomes more pronounced. Eastern regions often witness cloud cover, including the formation of cumulonimbus clouds.

Turning Greener

By mid-October, the UAE traditionally experiences its rainy Al Wasem season, leading to a transformation of the arid landscape into a greener one.

Rain and Wind Outlook

Although an increase in fog and mist is expected over the next five days, there are currently no forecasts for rain or windy conditions in the near future.

Preparedness for Seasonal Variability

The UAE's autumn transitional period can bring about rapid weather shifts, necessitating vigilance and awareness among residents and visitors. Staying informed about the latest weather updates and advisories from meteorological authorities is crucial during this dynamic season.

As the UAE prepares for the autumn transition, residents and visitors can anticipate more comfortable temperatures, increased humidity, and the possibility of fog and mist. It's a season of change and adaptation in this dynamic desert climate.

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