UAE Witnesses Heavy Traffic as Schools Reopen for the Week

As United Arab Emirates schools resumed after a two-month summer holiday, traffic on Monday morning increased. Ittihad Road, Al Taawun Road, and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, which connect Sharjah and Dubai, were congested as yellow school buses made their way through the traffic.

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Traffic Congestion Returns as Schools Reopen in UAE

Google Maps and Waze reported slow-moving traffic on Ittihad Road, stretching from Safeer Mall to Al Mulla Plaza at approximately 6:40 a.m. Roads connecting areas like Muweilah, Al Nahda, Al Qusais, and Al Barsha home to numerous schools also faced heavy traffic during the early hours.

Early Preparations

After two months of relatively lighter traffic due to the absence of school buses during the break, motorists were prepared for the anticipated congestion. Many chose to begin their day earlier than usual to ensure timely arrival at work.

Osama Amin, a Sharjah resident who commutes between Sharjah and Dubai for work, noted, "I knew roads would be clogged; therefore, I started the day early. I have been driving for over five years... I knew traffic would be much slower during the school day, so I started the day much earlier today."

Traffic Management Efforts

The police were actively monitoring the traffic situation to improve flow during the initial hours. In alignment with the 'Day Without Accidents' campaign on August 28, the UAE Ministry of Interior encouraged drivers to drive safely. Participating drivers who refrain from accidents and traffic violations will have four black points cleared from their driving licenses.

As schools reopen and daily routines resume, UAE residents adapt to the return of traffic congestion, emphasizing early departures for smoother commutes and adherence to safe driving practices.

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