Umrah from UAE: Expert Guidance on Nusuk App and Travel Tips

Industry experts in the UAE are emphasizing the significance of utilizing the Nusuk app for residents embarking on the sacred journey to Saudi Arabia.

This app streamlines the process of obtaining permits for Umrah rituals and prayers at the revered Riyazul Jannah.

The Vital Role of Nusuk App

The official website of Saudi Arabia's immigration and e-visa portal underscores the importance of the Nusuk app for acquiring an Umrah permit. It serves as a comprehensive platform for requesting permits, scheduling Umrah appointments, and accessing crucial information about both Umrah and Hajj pilgrimages.

Navigating Umrah with Nusuk

According to experts, the Nusuk app is essential for pilgrims making tawaf at the holy site of Makkah since it allows them to arrange appointments for various rites. Although the site's guards might not always check the app for appointments, it's still a good idea to schedule visits in advance, especially during busier times.

Securing Appointments Before Departure

Even though there might be some flexibility on-site, experts strongly advise residents to book appointments through the Nusuk app before leaving the UAE. This preemptive strategy guarantees a smooth and trouble-free arrival experience in Saudi Arabia.

Mandatory Appointments for Riyazul Jannah Prayers

For pilgrims desiring to engage in prayers at Riyazul Jannah, experts stress the mandatory nature of obtaining appointments. This proactive step significantly enhances the ease and efficiency of the pilgrimage process.

Transportation Considerations

Experts shed light on transportation options, recommending the Harmain Express as the most convenient means of traveling between Makkah, Madina, and Jeddah. With Jeddah serving as a central hub, taking the Harmain Express substantially reduces journey time, providing a more efficient travel experience.

Flight Booking Considerations

While booking air tickets to Saudi Arabia, experts advise pilgrims to check for flights that allow passengers with Umrah visas. Notably, some flights cater specifically to passengers with Umrah visas, and travelers holding multiple-entry visas for Saudi Arabia may face restrictions on these dedicated Umrah flights. Travelers are encouraged to liaise with their travel agents to ensure proper flight bookings for their pilgrimage.

In summary, leveraging the Nusuk app, securing appointments in advance, and making informed choices regarding transportation and flights contribute to optimizing the overall Umrah journey for residents from the UAE.

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