‏Urgent.. An expatriate woman was arrested at Dubai International Airport

An airport worker in Dubai helped authorities apprehend a woman from Africa who was trying to exit the country on a fake Schengen visa. Even though there were direct flights available to Europe, he saw that she was planning to make multiple stops along route, one of which was in Dubai. He had doubts about the visa's legitimacy and probed her to find out why. She did, and her assertion that she didn't know the language further heightened his suspicion that the passport was forged, so he took it to the proper authorities to verify.

The woman was referred to the appropriate Dubai Airport department, and from there to the Public Prosecution, where she was charged with forgery and use of a forged document. She was then sent to the misdemeanor court, where she was sentenced to two weeks in jail, deported, and had her visa page destroyed. Forged.

According to the specifics of the case, the accused was apprehended at the time she attempted to leave the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for Turkey through Dubai International Airport using her original passport and a counterfeit "Schengen" visa attached to it.

An airport worker said the accused had given her passport to him when he was on duty at Dubai International Airport verifying passports and visas of passengers boarding flights to Turkey.

When he looked at her itinerary, he saw that she had taken multiple connecting flights, even though there were cheaper options for direct flights. She told him she didn't know English when he asked her why she hadn't done it. Concerns about the visa's legitimacy came after he learned that people were using a certain city to enter Europe on false visas.

The worker went on to say that after inspecting the passport, he discovered a fake Schengen visa. She was actually a citizen of a different country, but he saw that she was listed as being from a specific African country. The Dubai Airport worker's concerns were validated by the document inspection center's report.

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