Urgent.. Dubai announces a speed reduction starting today in this place

With effect from today, Monday, November 20, 2023, the legal speed limit on Al Ittihad Street in the area between the Emirate of Sharjah and Al Garhoud Bridge has been lowered from 100 km/h to 80 km/h, according to announcements made by the Roads and Transport Authority and the Dubai Police General Headquarters.

The decision to lower the speed limit was made in consultation and coordination with the Dubai Police General Command, according to the authority. It was also supported by a recent study that counted the number of entrances, exits, and closed intersections in the mentioned section of Al Ittihad Street, as well as the number of recurrent traffic accidents and the completion of development and improvement projects in the area in the recent past.

The authority announced that red lines will be added at the start of the speed reduction zone and that the traffic signs that currently indicate the maximum legal speed in that section of Al Ittihad Street, which is between the Emirate of Sharjah and Al Garhoud Bridge, will now read 80 km/h instead of 100 km/h. to warn drivers in accordance with the most effective guidelines and techniques used for road safety.

The Authority has reaffirmed that it is responsible for setting up regular and ongoing inspections of the speeds on key routes inside the Emirate of Dubai. The Authority does this in compliance with current worldwide best practices and the Emirate of Dubai's Speed Management Guide. The guide establishes suitable benchmarks and metrics to attain excellence in the correlation between optimal speeds, traffic volume, and the frequency of traffic incidents.

The authority emphasized the significance of working in tandem with the Dubai Police General Command to implement cooperative preventive measures and procedures, particularly with regard to adjusting the speed of radar devices. It was noted that speed reduction or elevation is contingent upon various engineering standards and factors, chief among which is the speed that most drivers actually maintain on the road. (percentile speed%) 85, considering the quantity of traffic and the amount of accidents that happened on the street, as well as the degree of urban growth on both sides of the road, pedestrian traffic, and the presence of other essential services.

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