Urgent.. Dubai announces good news, starting Friday, November 24, until November 26

The Dubai Festivals and Retail Corporation will launch the "3 Days of Big Sale" event over the course of the weekend beginning on Friday, November 24, and continuing until November 26. During this event, participating shopping malls and stores will offer discounts of up to 90 percent on products from leading local and international brands that are sold in shopping malls in Dubai.

It is an exclusive opportunity for shoppers throughout Dubai to benefit from discounts on a wide range of products from the most famous local and international brands that specialize in lifestyle, electronics, fashion, beauty, and supplies. The organization organizes "3 Days of Big Sale" twice a year, in a group of shopping centers and the most famous stores in Dubai. The event is held in Dubai shopping centers. and a variety of other product categories, including household goods.

There are around 2,000 retailers in Dubai that are providing enormous discounts on products from over 500 different brands.

On the other hand, customers demanded that retail establishments provide discounts on electronic devices, home appliances, and electrical appliances. They explained that these products are naturally expensive, and that discounts on them are scarce and uncommon throughout the year. If discounts are available, they are either at low prices and on very limited models, or they are expensive and do not have a significant demand for them.

An official from the store stated that the prices of these goods and items are expensive due to the fact that they are durable goods. As a result, the discounts that are being offered on them are very minor in comparison to their initial pricing. This suggests that the discounts are in accord with the suppliers and producers of these goods.

They added that it is common practice for discounts on electronic equipment, household appliances, and electrical appliances to be primarily associated with specific occasions and seasons, such as Ramadan and holidays, when there is a rise in demand for these products, which compensates for the value of the discounts.

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