‏Urgent.. Dubai Police arrests a number of foreign expatriates and warns citizens and residents

The Dubai Police General Command told people not to feel sorry for beggars and give them money. They also told people not to believe the fake stories and tricks that beggars use to try to get money and other things from people. Beggars do this in front of mosques, clinics, hospitals, markets, and roads.

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Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigations and Investigations, Major General Jamal Al-Jallaf, said that the Dubai Police continue to fight beggary with the help of internal and external partners through the "Combate Beggary" campaign, which has the slogan "Begging is a misconception of compassion" and aims to fight beggary and make more people aware of how dangerous it is. And pointing people in the community to legal, known ways to give money and do good.

Major General Al-Jallaf said that beggars lie to people and play on their emotions to get money in illegal ways. He said that the Dubai Police had caught a group of Asians who used cars with licence plates from nearby countries and said they were from the same country as the state. They also brought women and children with them to appeal to people's feelings and say they are stuck in the country.

Major General Al-Jallaf said that people shouldn't give money to these beggars or treat them with compassion and kindness. Instead, they should help the police by reporting any beggars they see right away to the call centre (901) or the Police Eye service through smart applications of Dubai Police, and the (E-) platform. hacking) to report it.


Brigadier General Ali Salem Al Shamsi, Director of the Department of Suspicious Persons and Security Phenomena, said that there are official bodies, bodies, and charitable organisations that anyone can turn to for financial help. He also said that some people beg because they need money, which is illegal and punishable by law. In line with Article No. 9 of 2018 about fighting begging and turning people over to the courts.

Brigadier General Al Shamsi said that the Dubai Police will keep working to stop the problem of beggary, which offends the civilised side of society and is a form of fraud that is hidden by using deceptive fraud methods.

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