Urgent: Emirates Airlines holds an interview with the Emirati astronaut at an altitude of 400 km

Emirates Airlines interviewed Emirati astronaut Dr. Sultan Al Neyadi via its information, communication, and in-flight entertainment technology "ice."

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At a distance of 400 km from the surface of the Earth, he describes his "experience aboard the International Space Station" in it.
Dr. Sultan Al Neyadi, an Emirati astronaut, spoke with Emirates Airlines through its information, communication, and in-flight entertainment system "ice" about his "experience aboard the International Space Station" at a height of 400 kilometres above the earth.

International Channel of Emirates.

Beginning on September 1, 2023, the day the Emirati astronaut starts his return to Earth after completing a six-month scientific mission aboard the International Space Station, the interview will be carried on Emirates Global Channel.
It is anticipated that the return voyage from space will take around 16 hours, which is just one hour shorter than the longest Emirates flight, which travels from Auckland (New Zealand) to Dubai in 17 hours.
The conversation was held via a communication link between space and earth from the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center's Mission Control Centre in Dubai.
Dr. Al Neyadi discusses his meals in space, how he stays in touch with his family while in orbit, and the entertainment options on board the spacecraft in the interview with Patrick Brannelli, Emirates Senior Vice President, Entertainment and Communications, as Patrick highlights the Emirates experience.
The interview contains live footage of Dr. Al Neyadi enjoying his coffee in almost zero gravity, doing research, and getting ready for his daily workouts while travelling at a speed of 28,000 km/h and an altitude of 400 kilometres.
Emirates Airlines was interested in Dr. Al Neyadi's adventure after he made headlines as an Emirati astronaut, the first Arab to walk in space, and the first Arab to spend six months aboard the International Space Station as part of Mission 69.
In 2003, Emirates introduced their "ice" information, communication, and in-flight entertainment system.

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