Urgent Emirates.. statement regarding issuing a return document from abroad

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the process of providing a return certificate for an Emirati national living overseas can now be completed in as little as 30 minutes, as opposed to the three to five days that it once took. In the case that the ordinary passport is misplaced, destroyed, or expires, this document is issued.

She emphasized that the return document process for Emirati citizens is a streamlined, efficient, and quick service that is focused on the individual. She also mentioned that obtaining the return document is now done via email, whereas in the past, getting the emergency passport required going to the state mission.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Emirati nationals can apply for a suite of exceptional digital services via the Ministry's electronic application, UAE MOFA, or the official website, http://mofa.gov.ae. The services are available 24/7.

In order to make it easier for UAE nationals to return home in the event of an emergency (loss, damage, or expiration of their regular passport), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided instructions on its website for how to issue an electronic return document.

She clarified that the three processes involved in implementing the service procedures are logging in with the digital ID, submitting the application, attaching the necessary papers, and finally getting the return document through email.

The service is deemed free and comes with the necessary paperwork to issue a return document in the event that the regular passport is lost, including a copy of the lost passport, a copy of the report detailing the loss of the passport, a personal photo, and a copy of the expired passport required of the service applicant. Personal, as well as to provide a return document in the event that a standard passport is damaged; alternatively, a copy of the passport with a personal photo or a letter explaining the causes for the damage can be provided.

In reference to the protocols, prerequisites, and specifications for acquiring a return document for foreign-born citizens' offspring, the Ministry declared that such requests are made using the digital ID feature on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website or the UAE MOFA smart application, in addition to filling out the application's required documents, which consist of a copy of a certificate. A copy of the child's birth certificate (certified by the country's mission abroad and ministry of foreign affairs in the place of residence), a copy of the mother's and father's passports, a copy of the entire family book, and a copy of the marriage contract (certified by the ministry of foreign affairs in the place of headquarters and the country's mission abroad).

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