Urgent.. Good news from Abu Dhabi International Airport

According to data from OAG International, airlines that use Abu Dhabi International Airport added roughly 600,000 scheduled one-way seats to their flights in November and December, for a total of 2.63 million seats. This represents a 29.4% increase over the 2.03 million seats for the same period last year.

The corporation, which provides data to airports and airlines, stated that with Passenger Terminal A operational, the airport's airline seat capacity will increase in November to 1.26 million scheduled seats in one direction, up from 1.01 million seats for the same month last year, with a 24% increase in A rate. It will then reach its highest levels this year in December, reaching 1.374 million seats, up from 1.019 million seats in December of last year, a growth of 34.8%, and an increase of 355 thousand and 69 seats. That information is based on data from the corporation.

According to data from the organization that "Etihad" was able to obtain, the number of seats that airlines operating at Abu Dhabi International Airport are expected to carry during the current year will rise to 13 million 559 thousand and 682 seats, from 10 million 167 thousand and 981 seats for the previous year 2022. This represents a growth of 33.3%, or 3.39 million seats, over the previous year.

The Corporation projected that during the months of November and December of next year, air carriers using the nation's airports would add more than 1.790 million seats to the scheduled seat capacity in one direction, bringing the total scheduled capacity for the two months combined to 14.1 million seats, compared to the scheduled capacity. There were 12.3 million seats at this time last year, a 14.5% increase from the previous year.

Seat capacity

According to the data, the total scheduled seat capacity for airline flights using the nation's airports for the duration of this year is anticipated to reach roughly 79.03 million seats, up from 64.9 million seats the previous year—a 21.7% increase and an increase of 14.1 million seats.

Out of the 20 biggest air travel markets worldwide, OAG places the United Arab Emirates at the top.

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