Urgent instructions for drivers in the Emirates specifying prohibited behaviors on the road

Urgent instructions have been issued to drivers in the Emirates specifying prohibited behaviors on the road to avoid accidents and maintain the safety of road users.

Urgent advice for motorists in the Emirates, outlining the kind of activities that are not allowed while driving.

In order to reduce the number of traffic collisions and keep everyone on the road as safe as possible, drivers in the Emirates have been given urgent instructions outlining the activities they are not allowed to engage in while driving.

Warning of dangerous behavior by drivers on the road in the Emirates

A word of caution to those traveling in the Emirates about the reckless behavior of some drivers, Drivers have been seen driving from one lane to another without using the vehicle's side signals, turning to the right without using them, and seeking to exit roundabouts without using them. They make an impulsive choice while driving, which leads to confusion among the drivers of the other vehicles and ultimately results in accidents. According to what they said, this kind of behavior causes other drivers to become confused and is a big contributor to accidents, particularly when drivers start and stop their vehicles unexpectedly and do not provide a suitable amount of space between them.

The importance of requiring drivers to use vehicle side signals

The significance of making it mandatory for drivers to make use of their side signals, In light of the fact that some people have the mistaken belief that using vehicle side signals is evidence that the driver lacks experience and knowledge, they advocated for the improvement of traffic culture in this particular aspect and pointed out that some people have this mistaken belief. For example, using them without justification when making a forced turn on a road or at light intersections.

Fine for sudden deviation while driving in the UAE

A monetary penalty may be imposed on the driver in the UAE for any unexpected deviation, On the roads of the country, there have been traffic accidents that have been caused by sudden deviations due to non-compliance with traffic safety requirements and changing the direction of vehicles without using signals. These accidents have led to the deaths and injuries of people, despite the fact that the fine for the violation of "not using signals when changing the direction of the vehicle or turning" can reach 400 dirhams.

Abu Dhabi Police instructions for drivers when using traffic lights

Instructions given by the Abu Dhabi Police Department to motorists about using the traffic lights, Abu Dhabi Police, for their part, issued a call to vehicle drivers, urging them to comply to the traffic legislation and use side traffic signals in their vehicles, while also issuing a warning that ignoring these signals may result in severe traffic accidents. It emphasized the significance of using vehicle signals in the event of slowing down, changing the direction that the vehicle's path is taking, or... Alerting other drivers to the presence of something urgent on the road by using the four warning signals, because of the significance of these signals in preventing traffic accidents, as they are the language of the road between drivers, and stating that changing the direction of the vehicle without the driver using the signals, whether from right to left, and vice versa, is dangerous.

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