Urgent: Nationalization of 14 job fields in the UAE

The UAE has issued some discouraging announcements to foreign workers about the full nationalization of 14 economic activities after the economic and social climate in the UAE changed significantly due to recent moves to localize some jobs.

Important information about many individuals, especially those traveling to the UAE, has become increasingly common these days, and foreign workers and residents have been negatively affected by the government’s recent announcement of its intention to nationalize key economic sectors.
The UAE has confirmed that it helps local companies and initiatives grow so that more manufacturing can take place in our country. This strengthens our economy and helps create more job opportunities for local residents. It also works to reduce our dependence on imported agricultural goods by supporting local farmers and expanding local crop production.

Localization of tourism and hospitality:

The UAE indicated that it appreciates attracting visitors and hosting them in its country, and the hospitality, food service and entertainment industries may benefit, so the UAE worked to facilitate citizens’ participation and benefit from it in this vital economic sector.

Emiratisation is crucial for the UAE:

Emiratisation is crucial to building a prosperous economy and creating job opportunities for the public. It promotes economic growth and stability and people are more able to participate in shaping the future of their country, which in turn helps stabilize the economy. Therefore, the UAE added 14 new industries to the list subject to Emiratisation controls by expanding the scope of Emiratisation. To include more economic sectors including industry, trade, construction and tourism, we are making progress on this to enhance the growth and stability of our economy over time while also providing employment opportunities in a wide range of sectors.

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