Urgent: The Public Prosecution set severe penalties for data abusers in financial institutions using informati

Through a video that it posted today on its social media pages, the State Public Prosecution made it clear that using information technology to hack into the data of financial or commercial establishments has an economic punishment.

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The Public Prosecution stated that Article 8 of Federal Decree-Law No. 34 of 2021 regarding combating rumors and electronic crimes, which stipulates that whoever obtains, acquires, modifies, destroys, discloses, leaks, cancels, deletes, alters, copies, publishes or republishes, without authorization, confidential information shall be punished by a fine of not less than 500 thousand dirhams and not more than 3 million dirhams.

types of data misuse.

The idea of stealing other people's money through dishonesty and fraud, leads to the employment of these methods in an unlawful manner, as well as the growth of the piracy phenomena through global gangs and mafias that specialise in data assault...
Although there are challenges in using accounting, in the economic and commercial establishment at the endowment in terms of revenues and expenditures, this is consistent with the imposition of the accounting unit that is used in commercial financial accounting in the private sector.
The State Public Prosecution's ongoing campaign to promote a culture of law as a way of life among society's citizens, publish all newly enacted and amended legislation in the nation, and increase public awareness of the law is reflected in the publication of this information.

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