Urgent UAE: An expatriate was sentenced to a fine of 8,000 dirhams

A man from the Gulf region perpetrated an offensive gesture and insulted and insulted one of the guests as they were participating in a virtual session. Due to the fact that the defendant committed an act that was contrary to modesty and public morals by making a morally inappropriate movement with his hand while using the information network during a virtual session between him and the plaintiff, the Ras Al Khaimah Civil Court of First Instance ruled that the defendant should be obligated to pay the plaintiff 8,000 dirhams as compensation for the material and moral damage that he sustained. Additionally, the defendant was obligated to pay fees, expenses, and attorney's fees. Additionally, he insulted the plaintiff and spoke to him in a manner that was demeaning to him, which caused other people to look down on him and treat him with contempt.

As a result of the decision made by the court of first instance, the accused was ordered to pay a fine of 10,000 dirhams and was also required to provide the victim with temporary compensation of 1,000 dirhams. On the other hand, the accused filed an appeal against the verdict, and the court of appeal ultimately concluded that the amount of the fine should be reduced. Additionally, he filed an appeal against the cassation, and the court decided to accept the appeal in its form but to reject it in its substance. As a result, the cassation was remanded. Based on the ruling, the defendant is unequivocally found guilty.

The plaintiff stated in the claim statement that "in view of the material and moral harm he suffered, as a result of the immoral act committed against him by the defendant, his spending of expenses that he had no need for, his frequenting of police stations and the Public Prosecution, his appointing a lawyer to prove his claim, and the harm he suffered,"the defendant committed an immoral act against the plaintiff. Insult and scorn, as well as the sorrow and anguish that it caused him, he asks a finding that requires the defendant to pay him twenty thousand dirhams in compensation for the material and moral damages he experienced as a result of the defendant's action, and that he also be required to pay the costs and expenditures associated with the complaint.

He requested a ruling to dismiss the case due to lack of validity and proof, because the plaintiff did not prove the nature of the damages he suffered, and the lawsuit did not meet the elements of damage requiring compensation, and that the criminal ruling, even if it ruled to convict his client, does not bind the civil court. The defendant's agent pointed out that the elements of damage that require compensation were lacking, and he requested that the case be dismissed.

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