Urgent UAE: Announcing new advantages for citizens and residents at the end of this year

Acting Director of the Digital Applications Department at the Dubai Digital Government Establishment, Hind Al Nuaimi, stated that 12 integrated digital experiences are scheduled to be completed for citizens and residents by the end of this year, which will provide a more comprehensive concept of smart city types. Hind Al Nuaimi also mentioned that it is intended to raise the number of digital experiences for customers to 50 experiences within the next three years.

According to what Al Nuaimi said in an interview with Emirates Today, "Through these experiences, the organization is working to implement an initiative to transform from simply providing digital services, through the (Dubai Now) application, to include a broader concept of digital city experiences, which includes making a range of services available through a digital window." One that expresses the trip that the consumer takes in order to finish the various services."

She continued by saying, "The Foundation launched two digital experiments through (Dubai Now): the (exchanging housing grants) experiment and (obtaining residential land)," stressing that the two projects give a range of integrated services to citizens around the clock through a unified window.

Al Nuaimi stated that "the experience of (exchanging housing grants) allows the citizen, when registering on the (Emarati) platform on the (Dubai Now) application, to display the land he wants to exchange through the platform, and at the same time see other lands that other citizens are offering and want to exchange," she added. Al Nuaimi explained that "the experience of (exchanging housing grants) allows the citizen to display the land he wants to exchange through the platform." "When the target land is selected, a request for interest in it is sent to the other party. Upon receiving notifications that the two parties have approved of the land exchange, a digital signature is made via the digital identity on the exchange process."

She continued by saying, "After the signing of both parties, the applications are sent to the government agencies that are concerned with these services, and then the required fees are paid in order to complete the land exchange process and issue the land map from the municipality."

Al Nuaimi has been quoted as saying, "This service, for example, in previous periods, even with the provision of digital services, required the customers' physical visit to the service centers. However, with the design of the digital experiences model, the experience became 100% automated."

She stated that "The digital city experience of the customer's journey in (Housing Grants Exchange), its digital services are provided mainly through the unified experience, through (Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment), Dubai Municipality, and the Land Department."

According to Al Nuaimi, "The Digital City Experiences initiative for customers relies on a single window instead of relying on dispersed digital services, to provide a comprehensive digital experience without the need to visit service centers at any stage of the service, and by relying on the digital identity." [Citizens] will be able to receive all of the benefits of the initiative by relying on their digital identities.

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