Warning against some words in the UAE that the penalty for saying reaches 10,000 dirhams

A warning was issued against some words in the UAE that the penalty for saying reaches 10,000 dirhams, especially if they mean a threat and cause harm to others.

A warning was issued against certain expressions, the use of which can result in a penalty of up to 10,000 dirhams in the United Arab Emirates. Caution is suggested before using certain terms, as the maximum fine for saying them in the UAE is 10,000 dirhams. This is especially the case if the remarks have a menacing tone and cause other individuals to come to harm.

A fine of 10,000 dirhams for a person who verbally threatens another

A penalty of 10,000 dirhams will be imposed on anyone who makes a verbal threat against another individual, The Abu Dhabi Family, Civil and Administrative Claims Court ruled that a person was required to pay another person 10,000 dirhams because the first person verbally threatened the second person, which caused the second person to suffer material damage in the form of transportation fees while heading to the police station to file a report, in addition to suffering moral damage in the form of spreading terror. The court ruled that the first person was obligated to pay the other person because the second person caused him to suffer material damage. The threatening event caused the victims to experience fear, despair, and sorrow, in addition to various forms of psychological trauma.

Compensation and fine are the penalty for threatening others in the UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, the penalty for threatening other people is a fine on top of compensation, In more specific terms, the individual referred to as "the complainant" was the one who initiated legal action against another individual who was referred to as the "defendant." At the conclusion of the case, "the complainant" demanded that the "defendant" be required to pay him a sum equal to 15,000 dirhams as compensation for the material and moral damages that he endured, in addition to being required to pay fees and expenses, on the basis of saying that the "defendant He made a verbal threat toward the complainant, which led to the filing of a criminal complaint over the incident. The criminal court judged the defendant guilty of the charge and penalized him in front of the complainant with a fine of 3,000 dirhams, in addition to compelling him to pay judicial fees. As a direct consequence of the offense, the victim experienced both material and intangible losses.

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