Warning of an emergency that begins to affect the Emirates and continues until Saturday

The National Center of Meteorology issued a new statement a few hours ago warning of a depression that will begin to affect the Emirates on Wednesday and continue until Saturday.

Warning of an emergency situation that will continue to afflict the Emirates till Saturday

A new statement warning of an impending disaster was published by the National Center of Meteorology just a few hours ago. According to this statement, the Emirates will start to feel the effects of the emergency on Wednesday and it will last until Saturday.

The National Bureau of Meteorology warns that the UAE will be affected by a weather depression from Wednesday until Saturday

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will be impacted by a meteorological emergency from Wednesday until Saturday, according to a warning issued by the National Bureau of Meteorology, The National Center of Meteorology anticipates that the country will be impacted during the period from Wednesday to Saturday next by an extension of a surface emergency from the Red Sea, with an extension of an air depression in the upper layers of the atmosphere, accompanied by an air current from the west and a cold air mass with clouds flowing from the west, interspersed with cumulus clouds on the Scattered areas accompanied by rainfall. This event is expected to take place during the period from Wednesday to Saturday next.

Weather conditions on Wednesday in the UAE, November 15

Conditions of the weather in the UAE on the 15th of November, Wednesday, In a report on the current weather conditions, the center mentioned that on Wednesday, November 15, clouds will start to form in the east in the afternoon, and there is a possibility that some cumulonimbus clouds will form in the afternoon. Additionally, the center stated that the amount of clouds will gradually increase at night over the sea and islands, and there is a chance that it will rain.

Weather conditions after being affected by the an emergency on Thursday and Friday in the Emirates, November 16 and 17

Conditions of the weather in the Emirates on November 16 and 17, after having been impacted by the emergency on Thursday and Friday of that week, The emergency extends deeper into the upper layers of the atmosphere on Thursday and Friday. As a result, there will be an increase in the number of clouds, which will be interspersed with cumulus clouds, across a variety of regions, particularly the northern, eastern, and coastal regions. This will be accompanied by rainfall of varying intensities, and the clouds will begin to gradually dissipate on Friday night.

Weather conditions in the Emirates on Saturday, November 18. The end of the effect of the depression

Conditions of the weather in the Emirates on the 18th of November. The conclusion of the effects that were caused by the emergency, On Saturday, according to the center, the sky will be partly cloudy, and there is a chance that some cumulus clouds will form in the east, along with the presence of the probability of precipitation, The winds are from the north-east and have speeds ranging from light to moderate to active to strong at times, particularly when clouds are present. These winds stir up dust and dust, and the sea has waves ranging from light to medium with occasional turbulent conditions in the Arabian Gulf and light to medium waves in the Sea of Oman.

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