US Embassy in India Celebrates 1 Million Visa with Applicant

Ranju Singh and her spouse have plans to travel to the United States to visit their son, who is currently pursuing his studies there.

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US Mission to India Surpasses Visa Application Goal

In 2023, the US Mission to India processed over one million applications for non-immigrant visas, an incredible accomplishment. This accomplishment represents a roughly 20% rise from the pre-pandemic year of 2019 and surpasses the total number of visa cases completed in 2022.

A robust travel relationship

The US Embassy and Consulates in India released a statement highlighting the over 1.2 million Indian visitors to the US in the year prior, thereby establishing one of the strongest travel partnerships in the world. With nearly 10% of all visa applicants globally, Indians now account for 20% of those applying for student visas and 65% of those applying for H&L (employment) visas, indicating a sharp increase in travel to the US.

Celebrating Strong Bilateral Ties

Eric Garcetti, the US ambassador to India, expressed his happiness at this accomplishment and emphasized the value of the two nations' partnership. He emphasized the closeness of the ties between the peoples of both countries by calling the US-India partnership one of the most important bilateral relationships for the US internationally.

One Millionth Visa Recipient

Ambassador Garcetti had the honor of presenting the one millionth US visa to Ranju Singh and her spouse, who are planning to visit the United States to meet their son, who is currently studying there. He congratulated them and engaged in a brief conversation to express his joy and appreciation.

Enhancing visa processing

Ambassador Garcetti mentioned that both Prime Minister Modi and President Biden agreed to improve visa processing during their discussions. To meet this goal, the Ministry of External Affairs approved additional staff in locations like Hyderabad and streamlined visa processes. System improvements and increased effort contributed to the accomplishment of processing a million visa applications.

People-to-People Relationship

The ambassador emphasized that the relationship between the United States and India is not just a country-to-country partnership but a strong people-to-people connection. He confirmed that the US would continue to invest significantly in its operations in India to meet the ongoing demand for US visas.

Commitment to Enhancements

The US Embassy in India shared a video on social media celebrating this achievement, highlighting its commitment to facilitating faster visa processing. They have expanded staff, improved facilities, and introduced strategies to increase efficiency, including extending interview waivers for new visa categories. Plans are also in place for a pilot program that will allow domestic visa renewals for qualified H&L-category employment visa applicants.

Strengthening the Partnership

During President Joe Biden's visit to India, a joint statement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Biden emphasized the close and enduring partnership between the two nations. Improved visa processing is one example of the US Mission to India's commitment to strengthening this partnership, according to the joint statement.

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