India: Massive Train Fire in Madurai, Tamil Nadu 9 Dead, 20 Injured

A distressing incident unfolded within the confines of the Lucknow-Rameswaram Express, as a fire broke out in one of the passenger train's compartments. The tragic event transpired at Madurai railway station in Tamil Nadu, claiming the lives of at least nine individuals and leaving an additional 20 injured.

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A fire envelopes a passenger train coach in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, a somber incident occurred on the Lucknow-Rameswaram Express. Railroad authorities provided information to IANS, revealing the details of the tragic event.

The incident details

The accident happened as passengers prepared to depart for a darshan at the Meenakshi temple as the train was parked in a yard one mile from the Madurai railway station. When the Fire and Rescue Services department arrived, the fire was put out.

When the train arrived at the Madurai train station, many passengers had already disembarked. Sangeetha, the Madurai District Collector, informed the media that the injured had been transported to hospitals and that treatment was beginning. She also added that the fire's origin will be looked into further.

A tragedy struck a group of pilgrims from Uttar Pradesh who were en route to Rameswaram. Sources report that the unfortunate incident involved a bus that had been attached to the train at Nagercoil on the preceding Friday. This ill-fated compartment accommodated a total of 55 passengers.

According to the sources, the fire was started by the explosion of a gas cylinder that had been unlawfully brought into the coach for use as cooking fuel.

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