Israel-Palestine conflict: 3,200 Deaths, as Gaza gripped by panic

As the Israel-Hamas conflict enters its seventh day, developments on both sides have raised concerns about the situation in Gaza.

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Israel-Hamas Conflict Enters Seventh Day:

Approximately 1.1 million people in northern Gaza have been ordered to evacuate south. The Israeli military issued these evacuation orders, raising panic and concerns among civilians and aid workers who are already dealing with Israeli airstrikes and the blockade of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza:

International aid groups have warned of a worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Israel's prevention of supplies from Egypt reaching Gaza's 2.3 million people has led to a dramatic rise in suffering. Palestinians in Gaza are in desperate need of food, fuel, and medicine, with the territory's only power plant shut down due to a lack of fuel. As a result of the morgue receiving more bodies than there are relatives to claim them, Gaza's largest hospital is overcrowded.

Casualties and Rockets:

Since the beginning of the conflict on October 7, both sides have seen a substantial loss of life, with at least 3,200 lives lost. Hamas launched thousands of rockets during the conflict, targeting Israeli cities and towns, resulting in fatalities and destruction.

Israel's Response Near the Lebanon Border:

Israel shelled a border region in southern Lebanon on Friday, following an infiltration attempt and a border fence blast. The Israeli army confirmed it was responding to the blast, which caused light damage to the border barrier. Israeli residents near the border were advised to take safety precautions.

Hamas Rockets and Iron Dome:

Hamas launched 150 rockets toward the southern Israeli cities of Ashkelon and Sderot. Israel's rescue service reported no major injuries. The Israeli Iron Dome air defense system intercepted some of these rockets.

Denial of White Phosphorus Use:

The Israeli military denied allegations of using white phosphorus as a weapon in Gaza. Human Rights Watch had published a report alleging Israel's use of white phosphorus munitions several times in the conflict.

Fatalities in the West Bank:

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, there have been a total of 44 Palestinians murdered in the West Bank since the beginning of the war, with nine fatalities confirmed on the day itself. A number of these fatalities were the direct consequence of clashes with Israeli military personnel.

Potential Ground Offensive:

Israel has issued widespread evacuation orders that will affect around one million of Gaza's 2.3 million residents. Despite the fact that these evacuations might be a hint that a ground attack is about to begin, the Israeli military has emphasized that no decision has been taken as of yet.

The situation in the region remains highly volatile, with concerns about the impact on civilians, the humanitarian crisis, and the potential for further escalation in the Israel-Hamas conflict. International efforts to de-escalate and broker a ceasefire are ongoing, but challenges persist.

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