BREAKING.. Israel orders immediate evacuation of Gaza-border within 24 hours

All Israelis within a 24-hour radius of the Gaza Strip are being evacuated as part of a rapid operation launched by the Israeli military. Thousands of Israeli soldiers have been sent into the West Bank and Gaza to stop Palestinian terrorists who have penetrated Israeli territory.

Israeli Army Urgent Evacuation Plan

Military spokesman Daniel Hagari conveyed the army's mission during a press briefing, emphasizing the ongoing effort to "rescue hostages" held by militants within Israel. He noted that the evacuation process must be executed after a comprehensive "scan of the territory" to ensure the absence of militants.

Massive troop deployment and uncompromising pursuit

Hagari disclosed that tens of thousands of combat soldiers are currently deployed in the region. The objective is to reach every community, eliminating any remaining terrorists on Israeli soil. He stressed the army's determination to thoroughly secure the area.

Fierce overnight battles

In the vicinity of Kfar Aza, situated just two kilometers (approximately 1.2 miles) east of the Gaza Strip border, troops have been engaged in intense battles with militants throughout the night.

Release of Hostages and Ongoing Operations

On Saturday, the Israeli army identified two locations within a 20-kilometer radius of the Gaza border where hostages were being held. While some reports suggested that hostages were released in Beeri and Ofakim, the army refrained from disclosing specific details when questioned by the AFP.

Decisive Strikes and Control

The Israeli military has successfully targeted 500 Hamas sites, including the organization's "military infrastructure, homes of commanders, and symbols of the Hamas regime." Additionally, Israeli forces have taken control of points along the Gaza Strip border where militants breached Israeli territory.

Counteroffensive and Pursuit of Justice

Hagari characterized Hamas's actions as a "despicable war crime" and pledged that justice would be served against those involved. He affirmed Israel's commitment to securing its borders and ensuring the safety of its citizens amid ongoing conflict with Palestinian militants.

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