Moscow Welcomes Middle Eastern Tourists with New Attractions and Easier Access

Moscow's tourist industry is being led toward a fruitful collaboration with the Middle East by Evgeny Kozlov, president of the Moscow City tourism Committee. This plan emphasizes inter-organizational partnerships between local and international companies to increase tourism.

Moscow Builds Stronger Ties with the Middle East in the Thriving Tourism Sector

Kozlov spoke about initiatives undertaken this year, including eight business missions in eight countries and four family trips to Moscow, attracting over 100 companies from Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. These endeavors establish collaborative ties between the Moscow and Middle Eastern tourism sectors, ultimately contributing to a rise in reciprocal tourist traffic.

Arab tour operators explore Moscow

About 40 officials from travel agencies in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia visited Moscow in September and October. They learned about the 'Moscow+' initiative while they were there, spoke with local partners, and investigated the city's tourist potential.

In addition to showcasing the beauty of Moscow, this program also provides access to other cities in Russia, including Kazan and locations in the greater Moscow area. Traveling to Sergiev Posad, Kolomna, and Zvenigorod, home to some of Russia's most beautiful monasteries and fortifications, is a breeze thanks to Moscow's convenient central transit hub. St. Petersburg, the 'northern' capital of Russia, is famous for its snowy evenings and can be quickly reached by high-speed rail.

Moscow's Countryside Infrastructure

The Middle East's tourism industry experts have highlighted the appeal of Moscow's countryside infrastructure, which includes spa complexes, elegant estates, golf clubs, and ethnoparks. Winter tourism offers a unique experience, especially during the New Year holidays when Moscow undergoes a breathtaking transformation, captivating visitors of all ages.

Enhanced Accessibility

It is now easier than ever to travel between the Middle East and Moscow. Over a hundred flights a week connect the United Arab Emirates to Moscow, and there are also frequent connections to other Middle Eastern countries, including Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait. Russia began offering electronic visas in August to nationals of 55 countries, including those in the Middle East.

These electronic visas are good for 16 days of travel within Russia and have a validity period of 60 days. Russia is seriously considering removing the requirement for tourists from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait to get a visa by the year 2024. Tourists from the United Arab Emirates and Qatar can visit Russia without a visa at this time.

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